Yakama Nation Land Enterprise

Fresh Asparagus

Pickled asparagus spears are carefully hand-picked to ensure the highest possible quality, and then marinated with a special recipe that includes a balanced blend of garlic, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, water, salt, vinegar and spices.

Enjoy our gourmet speciality brand “Broken Spear” pickled asparagus spears with your favorite beverage during all kinds of business, family and friends gatherings.

Our label “Broken Spear” is a unique American Indian signature for a tasty quality product grown by Yakama people. The “Broken Spear” label signifies years of broken treaties and broken arrows that our people endured throughout years of struggle and survival fighting to protect our lands from foreign invaders.

Our Pickled Asparagus are sold as a product of the Yakama Indian Nation under two label presentations:

Broken Spear Regular

Broken Spear Spicy

Broken Spear

Regular flavor (black color label)

Broken Spear

Spicy flavor (gold color label)

Both are marketed in 12oz. (336 g) glass jars, under the unique internationally recognized Trade Mark “MADE BY AMERICAN INDIANS” registered by the United States of America Intertribal Agriculture Council, IAC. We are expanding our Pickled Asparagus to our international customers at International Trade Shows in Hong Kong, Japan, France, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany. We especially target the Asian and European markets with this unique American Indian product.