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The Yakama Tribe has had thousand of years of harmonious interaction with our Mother Earth. We believe that if we take care of Mother Earth then, She, in turn, will take care of our people.

The Yakamas signed a Peace Treaty with the United States of America on June 9, 1855. We are a sovereign American Indian Nation located within the United States of America.

The Yakama Indian reservation totals 1.3 million acres, comprised of prime forest, grazing and fertile farm lands, irrigated by the cool fresh waters of melting snow from the Cascade Mountain Range. Our reservation is located in south central Washington State, a two and a half hour drive or half hour flight from the City of Seattle. The northern boundary of the reservation neighbors with the cities of Yakima and Union Gap.

YNLE is the most diversified of the five main business enterprises on the Yakama Indian Nation. Our mission is the Administration, Purchasing, Selling, Leasing and Development of Yakama Nation Tribal Land. 

Yakama Nation projects developed on land of the Yakama Nation Land Enterprise include fruit orchards and farm operations, a forest mill, casino and event center, wireless internet service Yakama Nation Networks, sports complex, industrial park, as well as regular and controlled atmosphere (CA) cold storage facilities and a fruit and produce stand.